High lifting capacity in the construction of hull sections

Ships and boats

Shipyard industry

From the assembly of individual light-weight components to the transport of hull sections weighing several hundred tonnes and the launching of recreational craft, the range of crane applications in the ship building industry could hardly be more varied. Equally varied are the crane solutions that we supply to satisfy our customers’ requirements. Precisely.

Fields of application

  • Shipyards
  • Supply sector
  • Small workshops
  • Recreational boats


Demag cranes are used for a wide variety of steps in ship assembly operations and provide the lifting capacity required throughout the entire production process. Our crane installations already ensure efficient load handling when work is carried out on the metal segments. They also guarantee that loads are precisely positioned – such as large fittings when hull sections are built. Series manufacturers of sailing and motor yachts employ Demag crane technology to install an area-serving system that interlinks the individual steps in assembly throughout their production bays. And our industrial drives are used to move doors and building segments safely and reliably in shipyards.

Supply sector

Our comprehensive crane solutions are also highly popular in the supply sector. From the assembly of modular components (e.g. for the interior fittings) to the transport of diesel units weighing many tonnes – our cranes meet all handling requirements. Reliably and precisely.

Small workshops

Ships do not always have to be major vessels. Small companies and workshops that build smaller boats and canoes also rely on Demag crane solutions. With our standard cranes or installations from our KBK light crane system, we supply this sector with compact crane solutions that can be used for the careful positioning of boats and parts. Also in buildings with very low headroom dimensions with maximum flexibility.

Recreational boats and marinas

Smaller boat builders and sailing clubs use our crane installations all over the world to store and retrieve recreational boats and yachts at the beginning and the end of the season. As overhead travelling cranes that run on rails above the water. Or as pillar-mounted slewing cranes with a wide operating radius. In both cases, the valuable boats are guaranteed to be handled gently and precisely.

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