Flexible and autonomous

Transfer carriage with battery drive

Transfer carriage with battery drive: flexible and autonomous

Demag drives make the right moves – with perfectly matching components for an efficient overall system

With our components for battery-powered transfer carriages, we can offer you a self-sufficient solution in which the charging and power unit is already integrated on board. All Demag drive components can be used with their full performance features for battery-powered systems.

Extend the range of your travel applications, e.g.
  • Rail-bound transfer carriages with the ability to overcome gaps at crossings
  • Indoor and outdoor applications where the power supply cannot be laid due to obstacles
  • In painting booths and other areas that are not suitable for an electric power supply
  • As a cost-effective solution for long travel paths – without the need for additional cabling & wiring for the power supply
  • For emergency power supply to vertical applications
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Product information

The benefits at a glance

High safety and reliability

Thanks to the use proven components from the Demag modular drive system, you can be certain of reliable solutions that have been tried and tested all over the world. For your safety and for reliable processes.

Perfectly matching design

You always receive the optimum result for your requirements, since all drive components, such as travel units, application modules and specification of the battery are configured to match each other.

Reduced planning requirement

Application solutions that are configured ready for connection significantly reduce the need for planning. These solutions include the charging and power unit as well as the control system for the travel drives.

Worldwide service

The wide coverage provided by the Demag service network ensures that the drive systems can be quickly put into service – and gives you the certainty of global support with fast response times.

On-board charging unit

On-board charging unit
The on-board charging unit ensures that the battery is charged in the supply zone. In combination with a Dedrive Compact STO frequency inverter, the power unit converts the battery’s direct current into alternating current and supplies the drives with the necessary power. Depending on requirements, it also provides for smooth and dynamic acceleration as well as variable speeds.