Press release
Shanghai, China

World's Largest Amphibian Aircraft AG600 Rolled Off

The AG600 rolled off a production line in the southern city of Zhuhai on July 23,2016, in what aviation observers see as a milestone for the country. China has completed production of a massive amphibious aircraft that it plans to use to fight forest fires and perform marine rescue missions.

Demag is the selected crane supplier for all three large aircraft of China National Large Aircraft Strategy, AG 600, Y20 and C919, provides to China Aviation Industry a strong technical support. Demag designed and produced two multiple suspensions cranes for AG600 assembling workshop, with spans measuring 16.4 M, 16M and 16.4M, lifting height of 15.2M, which can be used for the assembly of individual sections as well as for transporting complete aircraft fuselages.

During the lifting, the crane provides great synchronization, in the three moving direction: long travel, cross travel and lifting, tolerance can be limited into±20mm, and all equipped with full inverter control. This guarantees the extremely high positioning accuracy and highest reliability.
For aircraft final assembly industry, Demag suspension cranes are truly the best choice to provide a flexible response to meet changing requirements.