High safety, reliability and precision

Process cranes for the aviation industry

Maximum precision, safety and reliability for handling sensitive parts

Large parts have to be regularly lifted, turned and positioned on assembly lines in the aviation industry. The process cranes and hoist units that are used in these applications have to provide correspondingly high performance, which has to match the specific requirements precisely. Our solutions to meet these needs pave the way in industry:

  • suspension cranes with multiple suspensions to bridge large building spans
  • cranes with latching devices for trolley transfer to link various working areas
  • cranes with rotating crabs for optimum use of the available space
  • telescoping platforms for maintaining, overhauling and applying the paint finish to aircraft
  • workshop cranes for turbine maintenance.

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The benefits at a glance

Customer-specific solutions with great flexibility

  • Optimum flexibility for handling bulky and heavy components and for safe and reliable transport  along the assembly lines
  • Individual solutions for transporting entire aircraft fuselages, fuselage sections, tail units or wings
  • Optimum configuration of crane systems to meet process requirements
  • Designs adapted to the available space or architecture – to save costs from the very beginning

High safety, reliability and precision

  • Monitoring of synchronised lifting, long and cross-travel motions
  • Area-serving, overhead transport and handling system created by linking individual crane installations – for the safe and reliable transport and precise positioning of sensitive components
  • Exactly synchronised operation of several hoist units

The outstanding benefits of our tailored solutions are found in a wide range of applications:

Aircraft production and maintenance

  • Efficient solutions thanks to suspension cranes featuring multiple suspensions also with total spans of more than 90 metres
  • low loads on the roof superstructure thanks to optimised deadweight
  • Favourable hook dimension thanks to low headroom dimension
  • maximum utilisation of the available space thanks to overhead handling and inherent girder overhang design
  • Improved safety and faster transport operations thanks to semi-automated process sequences
  • Various working areas can be interlinked by means of interlocking crane systems

Teleplatform for maintenance, overhauls and painting

  • Shorter aircraft downtimes thanks to overhead materials handling
  • All parts of the aircraft can be accessed
  • Platform can be transferred to other parts of the building by latching the crane systems
  • Complete supply of all media needed on the working platform
  • Integrated safety systems to avoid collisions